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The BEAD Method™ is a revolutionary new way to understand the logic behind the guitar fretboard. There are many methods that rely on patterns of the guitar but BEAD Guitar™ relies on the unique tuning pattern of the guitar neck itself. In contrast you are provided with a true roadmap of the entire guitar neck. This book provides a unifying theory for understanding fret-notes, scales, modes and chords. By using this method you will be enabled to quickly find any note, chord or scale from any position on the fretboard.

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When you are finished with this book, using the BEAD Method™ you will be able to:

1. Identify the notes, scales and chords on any fret.
2. Determine what chords work together and why.
3. Fully master scales and modes.
4. Understand what scales to play against what chords.
5. Easily identify key signatures from memory.
6. Easily identify all the sharp and flat notes in a scale from memory.

This perfect bound edition is fully annotated and illustrated making this a great reference book for any guitarist's library.

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